Saturday Morning Golf

Captions are above its photo. Names in BOLD are classmates
Just looking for my balls

Everyone needs to stretch

just wanna have fun

I had a partner

your brother said he was going to win

yaw, my brother thinks he's going to win, first to the green

practice, practice, practice. Put the ball in the cup

we are here

the Breakfast of Champions

there my rules and I will tell you the rest as we go

its our course, it's our rules

he's making these rules up

there's five prizes

Really . . .  the guys go first

remember, high stakes

when's he going to push the button

who didn't smile

what a good looking group

Your up

remember, first one to the green


keep my eye on the ball

just follow through


that looks good

stay on the fairway

that felt good


. . . an on the fairway.

. . . lets do this thing . . .

Oh  Shutts

wow, hope its not filled from the garden hose

he thinks he's going to beat me

wow that ball looks clean

It's gone

I'll use a smaller wood.

just like that

high tech carts

I don't know why the guys go first

that was practice

that's what I'm talking about

did it go in

they can't decide who's closer

I'll just place it here

there measuring to see who's closer

Cast of Players

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