Charles Hoke

Profile Updated: January 15, 2022
Residing In: Columbia, MD USA
Spouse/Partner: Ellen
Occupation: Grandpa, Retired Army Doctor, Medical Writer
Children: Four kids. 5 Grandkids.
Military Service: Army MOS=61G9B, Medical Officer (Inf Dis)  

I loved my brief time at Cubberley. I remember teachers (Tanner, Starkey), coaches (Summers, Doster), and classmates (Siegel, Hackett, Baldwin (RIP), Taylor (RIP), Schwerdt (RIP), Hardy, Klafs, Jenkins, Sheehan (RIP), others). It's amazing how often in a day the memories of these people come to mind.
After Cubberley, I moved across town to Stanford (where I learned who Elwood P. Cubberley really was) and then to Rochester, New York, for Medical School. I did residencies in internal medicine and infectious diseases, joined the US Public Health Service and later the US Army Medical Corps. I served in the Army for 24 years, eventually directing the Military Infectious Diseases Research Program and having a role in inventing and developing vaccines with which to protect US troops (adenovirus, Japanese encephalitis, hepatitis A). As of 2020, I'm retired

School Story:

I moved from Connecticut to Palo Alto during the summer before senior year. I saw in the paper when football practice was to begin, and I walked over to sign up. I was warned by others that I was trying out for the position of a formidable star who would come from Georgia a week or so later and who would not be happy that a usurper was competing for his position. I met Tom Jenkins shortly thereafter.
At a talent show, Carol Lane and I performed a silly skit based on a record I had in childhood called, "I'm Dressing Myself!". I can still hear Chris Edgington hooting from the audience.
I remember that Mike (Now famous as Michiu) Kaku only came to class to lecture us...and then only about twice during the year. He was rumored to have made a particle accelerator in his basement.
Dan Gilbarg, in a 5 minute conversation in calculus class, convinced me to go to Stanford. Thank you, Dan.
A classmate, Alan Siegel, who also went to Stanford, later saved me in an advanced calculus class. He was an excellent teacher. Thanks, Al. (Not surprisingly, Al ended up in a math institute in New York.)
Advanced Placement Chemistry class gave us ample time to contemplate various reactions and the toxicity of hydrogen sulfide.
During a vigorous warmup before a football game, I separated my shoulder, thus ending my football career.
Several years ago, after I'd sent a Christmas card to Chris Schwerdt, his wife called me to say that I must not have heard that he had died of a melanoma. I literally couldn't speak for a few moments. She told me that when he was ill, he often talked of calling me...but they didn't. I wish they had.

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Perry, Thank you for visiting us here in Maryland some years back. And thank you for the copy of the Boy Scout handbook. Keep on inventing. I bet you can explain mRNA vaccine.

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Happy Birthday to you. Hope you are doing well.

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Happy Birthday to a hard hitting linebacker.

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I remember Rob in a home game.  He used his length, grace, and speed to catch a particularly long pass.  He was tackled, and he couldn't get up because he had a cramp in his calf.  I remember hoping he'd be OK.

Reading the notes below, I was struck by several things.  I live about 10 miles from Sykesville, where I think he was killed.  He was a beloved middle school teacher...and such teachers were pivotal for me.  Knowing he had died locally and that he was a Naval Academy graduate, I wondered if he might have been buried at Arlington National Cemetery.  Searching "Norman Robert Taylor", I found one entry.

Charles Hoke (Colonel (retired), US Army)